The Bombay Adventurers Club

The Bombay Adventurers Club

Have you ever been to Bombay?

No? Well, luckily, a visit to Bombay is not a membership prerequisite. Instead three criteria apply.

1. You have to be an accounting client of mine

2. You have to pay your account by the 20th of the month

3. Your account must never be overdue

And the exclusive members qualify for the following prizes:

1. The first member to pay each month receives a bottle of wine.

2. All members enter quarterly and the Christmas draw for dining to the value of $120 at either

‘The Funky Lizard’ – Cafe, Bar and Restaurant – Paengaroa

A great restaurant.

3. You will also receive a small Christmas Gift.

And yes, I have visited Bombay (Mumbai).

Spent an hour at the Airport in 1973 on the way home from my London O.E.

Paul Hickson
Club President